How to Spot a True Commercial HR Business Partner

HR professionals know it takes more than labeling themselves as a commercial HR business partner (HRBP) to truly add value in helping an organization achieve its goals. Nor does it make someone who is more business-oriented rather than HR-oriented qualified to be an HRBP. More than the title or mantra, it’s the track record and […]

How to Conduct a Face-to-Face Interview: Assessment Techniques for Recruiters

The most dreaded moment in the recruitment process is the face-to-face interview, at least for the candidate. But you, as a certified recruitment analyst, will find a goldmine out of this activity as you get to assess the applicant’s overall qualifications and fit for the post. The significance of the face-to-face interview is so great […]

Top 15 Recruiting Trends Of 2024

Top 15 recruiting trends of 2024

Explore the top 15 recruiting trends that are reshaping the landscape of talent acquisition in 2024. Check out this blog post now!