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Digital HR Overview – AI Powered May 2024

23 May 2024 - 23 May 2024

Certified Business Analysis Professional May 2024

27 May 2024 - 29 May 2024

Certified HR Tech Specialist June 2024

4 Jun 2024 - 5 Jun 2024

Design Thinking Practitioner June 2024

3 Jun 2024 - 6 Jun 2024

Certified Quality Practitioner June 2024

4 Jun 2024 - 6 Jun 2024

CompTIA Cloud + June 2024

10 Jun 2024 - 14 Jun 2024

Certified Data Center Facilities & Operations Manager June 2024

17 Jun 2024 - 19 Jun 2024

MS Power BI June 2024

19 Jun 2024 - 20 Jun 2024

ITIL 4 Foundation

24 Jun 2024 - 25 Jun 2024

Cybersecurity Posture using NIST 2.0 June 2024

24 Jun 2024 - 25 Jun 2024

Certified People Analytics Practitioner May 2024

25 Jun 2024 - 26 Jun 2024

BCM Lead Implementer June 2024

26 Jun 2024 - 28 Jun 2024


The Future is Data Literacy: Why Data Science is for Everyone?

Data Science uses various tools and techniques to uncover business insights and turn them into actionable solutions. Data science has been the hottest thing for a while now, and it continues to have excitig possibilities for the future.

The Lean Culture

An effective lean culture aims to reduce waste and inefficiency while improving the value delivered to customers. To develop a lean culture, it’s important first to understand its elements and the strategies you can use to implement it.

Risk Management Best Practices

Business resilience can be defined as a business’ ability to quickly adapt and respond to impending risks or disruptions. Here’s a list of best practices combining crisis management and business continuity strategies.

Do’s & Dont’s of Design Thinking

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that anyone can learn and master with practice. Here’re the do’s and dont’s of this repeatable framework.

Best Practices to Implement DevOps

This guide is packed with tips and pointers that will ease your journey towards adopting a healthy DevOps culture. Implementing these practices has proven to improve software quality.

Why is DevOps a Good Investment for your Enterprise?

The global DevOps market is anticipated to grow to $57.90 billion by 2030 and you can find out all about why enterprises of all sizes invest in DevOps to make an informed decision on if it is worth investing in.

How to Build an IT Service Catalog

IT service catalog is a one-stop resource that provides end users with clear and accurate information on all IT services that an organization’s IT department offers. Learn how to create an maintain one here!

A quick guide to ITIL

ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a well-known set of IT best practices designed to assist businesses in aligning their IT services with customer and business needs. Here’s a quick guide.

10 Types of Cloud Computing

Almost every organization is moving away from the traditional on-premise services and they have come to rely on to cloud-based services. Learn more about the 10 types of cloud computing.

Data Protection Overview

As the amount of data being created and stored has increased at an unprecedented rate, making data protection increasingly important. Read to find out more!

Overcoming Cultural Tokenism: How Can Workplaces Become More Diverse and Inclusive?

From culture to HR policies to allyship networks, an organisation committed to its diversity and inclusion efforts will witness a sustained progress in becoming more sensitive and inclusive.

Why Scrum is being followed by almost all fortune 500 companies?

What makes scrum popular with companies? We address the question in depth, exploring the leading organizations of the world using scrum methodology and its impact.


What is ITIL? Discover the answer and dive into its importance, framework, certifications and more in this informative blog post. Read now!
Discover the essential top skills that will shape careers, navigate uncertainties, and drive success in 2024 and beyond. Read this post now!


Basics of Project Management

Project Management basics involves overseeing all the project requirements including its steps, phases, and areas until completion.

Steps towards Effective Risk Management

Find inside 4 Risk Management strategies. Bonus: 5 steps of the process explained for you!

What it takes to be a Great Product Manager

Product Managers are responsible for the outcome’s organization and success; here’s your daily dose of hacks to become great at it

Design Thinking: Empathy

Empathy is the first step in design thinking because it is a skill that allows us to put the user at the center; everything else about it, you can find here!

13 Interesting Facts about DevOps

Here are some startling DevOps facts you must know now to stay ahead of the curve.

The Five Pillars of DevOps Implementation

The Five Pillars of DevOps, aka C.A.L.M.S quickly explained in under 1 minute!

ITSM Trends

As the worldwide cloud ITSM market is predicted to rise over $12 billion by 2025, effective and scalable IT service management processes becomes everyone’s business.

ITSM Basics/ Benefits

IT service management encompasses all the processes and activities to design, create, deliver, and support IT services. Here’s a quick overview of the basics!

8 Interesting Facts about Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has penetrated everything, and here’s 8 interesting facts about cloud coputing that will blow your mind!

Data Privacy & Security: Rules, Obligations & Concerns

Data Privacy dealts with all the touchpints where data gets handled, here’s an overview of the rules, obligations, and concerns you should be aware of.

Role of HR in Organizational Development

Organizational development is the process of creating, enhancing, and consolidating policies, so organizations become succesful and here’s how HR plays a pivotal role in it.

Being Agile

This infographic focuses on explaining Agile from a ground-level point-of-view and captures the types, phases, and benefits you need to know on being agile.

Free Assessment

The SustainAbility Quiz

In this quiz, we’ll test your knowledge of quality management systems. Discover just how much you know about this crucial topic.

Is Data Science For Me? A Self-Assessment Tool

Take this quiz to see if a Data Science Career is a great fit for you. Rate your aptitude and background against what is recommended!

Do you really know your Data Center? Check your knowledge now!

To flex your expertise of Data Center, take this quiz and compare your score with your peers. .

Quality Management System Knowledge Check

In this quiz, we’ll test your knowledge of quality management systems.Find out your score by answering just 10 questions!

Test Your Project Management Knowledge: Practice Assessment

Quiz yourself with the 10 questions inside which will put your project management expertise to the test. Answerkey provided.

Business Continuity Self-Assessment

This is a quick assessment for you to see how far you have got with business continuity management., categorized by section for easy reference.

Innovation Assessment: for Organizations

Identify your organization’s innovation strengths and weaknesses with this quick assessment. What is not measured, doesn’t get managed.

Innovation Assessment: for Individuals

Take our innovation assessment questionnaire and identify your innovation archetype, strengths and opportunities. It takes less than 5 minutes!

DevOps Skill Assessment

This quick DevOps Assessment helps you to identify your foundational knowledge on DevOps. Check how you score with along with free explanations & recommendations.

ITIL 4 Foundation Practice Exam

Find a selection of CLO-002 exam questions and answers shortlisted from the most recent actual exams.

CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Practice Exam (Exam Code:CLO-002)

Here’s a curated list of CLO-002 exam questions and answers selected from the most recent actual exams.

Online Privacy and Security

Complete this survey to gather information about internet user awareness and concerns about online privacy and security.


Cooling the Future: Sustainable Strategies for Green Data Centers

Navigating ITIL® 4: Bridging Theory to Implementation

Employee Engagement and AI: A Winning Combination

World Quality Month 2023 – Join the Celebrations in Philippines!

Data Science for Personalized Customer Journeys

Fortifying Against Cyber Threats with the NIST Framework

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