7 Tips on How To Draft a Project Plan

Tips On How To Draft a Project Plan

A project is much more than a defined goal, team involvement, and deliverables. It needs a detailed and flexible project plan to keep everything straight and on time. A project plan not only offers a roadmap to project managers, but also specifies the name of employees handling different tasks, when and how the team will […]

8 Books That Will Make You a Better Project Manager

The success of a project heavily relies on the skills of the project manager handling the account, which is always a big responsibility especially if you’re handling a big project. Being assigned such a big task requires not just hard work but also continuous learning to pull it off. Here’s a list of 8 project […]

5 Motivating Quotes About Productivity Every Project Manager Should Live By

The job of a project manager is extremely tough and often underestimated. The skills required for project management are more than just handling client meeting, doing pitches, spearheading projects, and ensuring deliverables meet their deadlines. As a project manager, you are held accountable for any errors in the project. So, if a client ever wants […]

Change Management Through Social Media: What You Need to Know

Everyone’s talking about change these days, especially with how social media has improved the way communities connect with one another. Business leaders are also recognizing the value of social media as a powerful catalyst for change management within their organization.   What Roles Do Social Media Play in Change Management? Because of the dynamics of […]

IT Project Cost Management Guide: 5 Tips to Success

Project cost management is the process of planning and controlling the budget of a particular team working on a specific task. Teams in an organization perform planning, estimating, budgeting, and controlling cost activities to help them complete a project within the approved budget. Without proper cost management, there’s a serious possibility that operational costs will […]

20 Project Management Professors You Should Check Out

One of the indicators of a good school is the competency of its faculty members. Ideally, they should have a roster of seasoned management professors with numerous achievements under their belt, and undisputed knowledge and skills. Here are some of the project management professors that you should check out.     Herman Steyn University of […]

Top 50 Project Management Terms You Need to Know [with Infographic]

Just like any other discipline, project management has its own jargons and terminologies that you need to know. A standardized terminology helps project management professionals assess, plan, and execute projects within an organization efficiently. Mastering these terminologies will ensure that you understand what the project manager is referring to during team meetings and roundtable discussions. […]

4 Essential Skills Required for Project Management

Project managers are a vital part of any successful organization. The best ones not only see through a project to its final completion, but have the ability to do so without exceeding the budget. Because projects are temporary in nature, those who are tasked to complete it must possess skills that often differ from those […]