Business Analytics vs. Business Intelligence (Infographic)


What is the difference between Business Analytics and Business Intelligence? These two terms are often interchanged depending on context, the point of view, business focus, or the industry of the person using it. Some experts even go so far as saying it is all a matter of semantics, and that it’s all relative. For example, […]

Five Trends Shaping Business Intelligence and Analytics

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“Transformational” was what Cindy Bates, Vice President of Microsoft, had to say about the impact of Business Intelligence to the economy especially small-to-medium businesses. In 2015, more businesses turned to the prospect of cloud computing when Microsoft Azure and Amazon WebService went toe-to-toe to launch products that further innovated Business Intelligence. This 2016, we’re about […]

Numbers and Numeracy: Business Intelligence and Analytics Part 1

IT has always been about services delivering information- information to help enterprises, organizations, employees do their jobs more effectively, more efficiently. Since the time of the earliest humans, some 100 millennia ago, we’ve relied on data and information. The need to communicate threats (ie. predators), food (ie. prey, non-poisonous fruits), and the breakthrough that was […]