Business Analytics vs. Business Intelligence (Infographic)


What is the difference between Business Analytics and Business Intelligence? These two terms are often interchanged depending on context, the point of view, business focus, or the industry of the person using it. Some experts even go so far as saying it is all a matter of semantics, and that it’s all relative. For example, […]

Basics of Product and Process Requirements (Infographic)

One of the most difficult parts of conceptualizing for product development and process improvement is establishing what the product or process should do or perform. It is a crucial activity that, if not prioritized, may lead to possible failures or problems later on which will already be challenging to correct. This fact is the reason […]

Top 50 Project Management Terms You Need to Know [with Infographic]

Just like any other discipline, project management has its own jargons and terminologies that you need to know. A standardized terminology helps project management professionals assess, plan, and execute projects within an organization efficiently. Mastering these terminologies will ensure that you understand what the project manager is referring to during team meetings and roundtable discussions. […]