How Much Does a Bad Reputation Cost Your Business?

Bad reputation has huge repercussions for businesses—from brand image to monetary effects. A brand who is in the glory days of their business can go crashing down with just a spark of bad reputation. Just like what happened to known fashion designer, Kenneth Cole in 2012 when he tweeted and promoted his then new line […]

Lessons from 5 High Profile Crisis Communication Cases

Every thriving business is a magnet to both success and crisis. These polarities exist to test the mettle of your company and thus, help it survive in the industry, where losses and liabilities are as common as assets and earnings. Part of the reason a company can survive is because of a crisis communication planner […]

10 Tips to Manage Social Media Crisis

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Truth be told, social media can make and break a brand. A single post, whether it’s positive or negative, can go viral in just a few hours, even minutes, and launch your brand or business into the spotlight. Social media adds new layers of both opportunities and risks to companies—proving that it should be included […]