7 Tips on How To Draft a Project Plan

Tips On How To Draft a Project Plan

A project is much more than a defined goal, team involvement, and deliverables. It needs a detailed and flexible project plan to keep everything straight and on time. A project plan not only offers a roadmap to project managers, but also specifies the name of employees handling different tasks, when and how the team will […]

5 Tips to Transition from Waterfall to Agile


Software development and project management can be tricky and the top organizations swear by the two most well-known methods, Waterfall and Agile. While Waterfall is a conventional and sequential approach, the innovative Agile offers some flaunting features like delivery and application clarity, speed, better management, incremental feedback, better collaboration, to name a few. Since the […]

Numbers and Numeracy: Business Intelligence and Analytics Part 1

IT has always been about services delivering information- information to help enterprises, organizations, employees do their jobs more effectively, more efficiently. Since the time of the earliest humans, some 100 millennia ago, we’ve relied on data and information. The need to communicate threats (ie. predators), food (ie. prey, non-poisonous fruits), and the breakthrough that was […]