Risk Management in the Digital Age

risk management digital age

With the digital age changing at a lightning speed, the face of risk management is altering its course too. Organizations need to monitor the evolving risk landscape in this technological world and to stay ahead in foreseeing the dangers which they may not have experienced in the past. The digitally savvy era today has resulted […]

What is Data Storytelling & How Does It Fit in Today’s Workforce Need?

data storytelling

The world around us pushes a constant stream of data in our daily lives – often accompanied by a visual representation to attract us immediately and make us consume it quickly. Similarly, in this age of instant data gratification, companies have changed their ways of work when it comes to their employees communicating with each […]

Preparing the Philippines for the Jobs of the Future

The Government, Academe, Industry Network (GAIN) is a professional organization established in 2017, with the purpose of ensuring the Global Competitiveness of the Philippine Graduate and the Nation’s Workforce through the synergy of initiatives from the Government, Academe, and the Industry. Last 2018, the 1st GAIN National Convention was held at the Heritage Hotel and […]

Top 10 Cyber Security Trends in 2018

Cyber Security 2018

With so many people online, cyber threats and attacks have been invading everybody’s privacy and misusing people’s personal data. Online personal information gets hacked and the information is used unethically. 2017 saw Cyber Security becoming even more crucial because of massive data leaks like the Equifax hack, where hackers got access to Equifax’s credit reporting […]

The Scrum Team: Roles and Responsibilities

Scrum Team: Roles and Responsibilities

The Agile Manifesto was originally created to fix the gaps caused by document-driven, time-consuming software development processes like the waterfall approach. Agile Project Management (APM) segregates projects into small tasks that need to be completed in specific work sessions. These sessions, called sprints, start from the design phase and run till the testing and quality […]

E-Learning Revolution: The What and Why of Transformative Education


Digital revolution has impacted almost each area through which the world operates, and the area of education is not untouched. Whether it is the matter of saving travel costs for trainers or making training more formal and consistent, e-learning comes as a boon to the industry. Now the prime question is: what exactly e-learning is. […]

7 Predictions for Big Data in 2018


The recent years have witnessed revolutionary changes in technology and processes adopted by businesses and organizations the world over. An enterprise’s workload and data has also rapidly evolved, diversified and increased colossally to such an extent that novel technologies and initiatives are being tapped into for data management. One such emerging technology is Big Data […]

24 Statistics That Should Influence Your Digital Marketing Strategy in PH

digital marketers in the philippines

Digital marketing has been a global trend in the business industry. It’s such a strong force that’s driving massive changes with over 38% or $77 billion of the total ad spending expected to go to digital next year, whereas TV ad spending only stands at 35.8% or $72 billion. From being a marketing strategy that […]

8 Books That Will Make You a Better Project Manager

The success of a project heavily relies on the skills of the project manager handling the account, which is always a big responsibility especially if you’re handling a big project. Being assigned such a big task requires not just hard work but also continuous learning to pull it off. Here’s a list of 8 project […]

6 Brands Doing Complaints Management Perfectly on Social Media

With over 1.59 billion users on Facebook and 320 million on Twitter, no brand in their right mind would skip out on social media. However, while many brands know the value of utilizing social media for marketing purposes, not many are aware that 67% of customers now tap these same channels for customer support requests, […]

How Lean Six Sigma Approach Can Enhance Organizational Performance

Lean Six Sigma is a business improvement approach with roots in the manufacturing and service industries. It became a widely-adopted methodology partly due to the success of either or both the Lean Method or Six Sigma in famous companies like GE and Motorola, with many organizations across numerous industries wanting to replicate the results. The […]

The Basics of HR Business Partner Success

The success of an HR business partner in an executive board begins when its board members recognize the importance of a human resource perspective when making company decisions. The HR business partner serves as a mediator of sorts—representing the employees to the management. Below is a basic list of what it takes to make an […]