Top Six Sigma Tools You Need For Every DMAIC Phase

Top Six Sigma Tools you need for every DMAIC Phase

Six Sigma has emerged as a pioneering practice followed today to improve customer satisfaction and business operations. Countries worldwide depend heavily on this method of business quality improvement to economize their processes, albeit the enormous dependence of this practice on statistical methods and data analysis may seem daunting to inexperienced, first-timers.   DMAIC is one […]

5 Useful Customer Support Tools for Your Service Desk

5 Useful Customer Support Tools for Your Service Desk

Keeping customers happy is no easy feat. In fact, there are many challenges that service desk analysts face on a daily basis. It’s increasingly getting harder to provide streamlined customer support on various channels. Add to that your long ticket queue that doesn’t seem ever to end. Thankfully, there are some customer support tools that […]

11 Cloud Security Threats You Should Prepare For

cloud security threats to prepare for

The innovation in today’s technology is undeniable, as numerous industries have improved and elevated their processes. However, these new things also pose a threat to security. Cloud computing and cloud-based storages may allow you to access information and data wherever you are and whenever you want it, but the downside of it is its vulnerability […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Big Data

beginners guide to big data

Data matters a lot in businesses and organizations more than we realize. It can influence a company’s plan of action and be utilized to project growth and success.   What is Big Data? Big data is the collection of information from various sources and the analysis of it. It has two types namely structured and […]

ISO 22301 Explained in Simple Terms

ISO 22301 Explained in Simple Terms

When you’re overseeing your company’s operations, you should leave no stone unturned to keep everything running smoothly. In industry speak, it’s known as business continuity management. Since companies are dealing with all sorts of disruption—from IT security issues to natural disasters and other risk-related incidents, it’s a must for organizations to plan for such events […]

How Much Does a Bad Reputation Cost Your Business?

Bad reputation has huge repercussions for businesses—from brand image to monetary effects. A brand who is in the glory days of their business can go crashing down with just a spark of bad reputation. Just like what happened to known fashion designer, Kenneth Cole in 2012 when he tweeted and promoted his then new line […]

6 Useful Business Calculators for Easier ROI Computation

If you’ve ever sat down with your budget and finance executives to get their buy-in on learning and development (L&D) program or training event, you probably already know they want to hear one thing: its cost—or even more, the expected return on investment (ROI). But often times, giving the numbers to prove that your proposed […]

How to Turn Customer Complaints into Compliments

For most industries, the Christmas season is perhaps the most important part of the fiscal year. In a survey by the Prosper Insights & Analytics, an average customer usually spends $935.58 for cards, gifts, food and decorations for Christmas. The survey also found that consumers can be persuaded to spend more—about 87 percent of customers […]

9 Effective Energy-Saving Tips for Data Centers

Data centers are becoming a top IT infrastructure investment for businesses, as organizations are relying heavily on cloud storage, cloud computing, and colocation services to improve their efficiency. Data centers help business owners secure sensitive information and provide scalability solutions. Though data centers may help business continuity, maintaining one requires a lot of energy. In […]

6 Key Elements of A Resilient Organization

Every successful entrepreneur has spent hours drawing up business plan models and market studies to achieve their company’s objectives. However, as the market becomes more and more competitive, companies need to adjust to it as well. They need not just study how to break in the market but also find out how they are going […]

COBIT vs. ITILⓇ : Which IT Governance Framework Should Your Company Choose? [Infographic]


Organizations derive many benefits from using the right IT management system and governance framework. Besides achieving key organizational objectives, it allows companies to bolster their IT system security, remain in compliance, and optimize financial and staff resources. Two of the most widely used frameworks are Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT) and Information […]

What is ISO 27001 and How Its Compliance Can Protect Your Business?

As industries strive into the digital age, security weakness has become a vulnerability. In the last twelve months or so. You might have heard about two cyber hacks that emerged in the headlines recently. The first was the case of MedStar Health, where a virus infected the Washington-based hospital’s computer network, forcing them to shut […]