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Top 15 Recruiting Trends of 2016

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Recruiting talents for your company takes a tremendous amount of time and skill. The competition is tough, and you need to stay in the game. Otherwise, you will lose the best talents to other companies.

Aside from having a Certified Recruitment Analyst in your team, you need to win and retain potential employees since your competitors and recruitment agencies will be trying their luck to do the same. The key to outwitting other companies, then, is to be well-versed in this year’s top recruitment trends.

1. Screening Applicants Anonymously

Irrelevant information like the applicant’s school, address, and even his name, are not predictors of professional skills, and must not be used to gauge the ability of an applicant.

According to Currency Fair, blind interviews can alleviate unconscious biases from interviewers and hiring managers. In fact, some companies relied on machines to select applicants, 15 percent of whom stay longer in the company.

2. Improved Job Descriptions

A poorly constructed job description turns away job hopefuls. Sell the position and the company, but be creative if you would. Get applicants excited about this job.

ERE says video job descriptions are fast-becoming the trend now, as Accenture and Quickstop have both used video job postings.

3. Recruiting Innovators

ERE believes that innovative talents lack the confidence to seek the jobs they want. Thus, you can exert bolder efforts to increase your chances of targeting innovators. Choose applicants who can create and contribute a lot to your company.

4. Predictions for Recruitment

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) says that forecasts in recruitment will continue to work for companies this year. Most of the predicted trends in 2015 have high chances of getting more recruits for companies.

For example, UK recruiter, Expectations! Recruitment Services, predicted that UK companies will face challenges in terms of international trends. A LinkedIn survey confirmed that employee-employer branding will be a top priority for most companies.

5. Recognizing Talent Everywhere

It is easy to spot talent in universities that is why companies conduct job fairs there, in hopes to rally students into applying in their companies after graduation. However, talent is everywhere, and it would help if you recruit elsewhere including the internet.

In a study published by the Deloitte University Press, 52 percent of the respondents found recruiting hires everywhere is crucial to business.

6. A More Streamlined HR Technology

Mark Babbitt of YouTern says that over 10 million millennial employees in the next years expect a more sophisticated HR technology.

Such demand in seamless technology means you have to integrate applicant and HR management interaction through online devices and social media. Even portfolios can be viewed and submitted via online channels.

7. Selling the Company’s Brand

Glotel International is a company that teaches job interviews as a two-way process, and People Pulse supplements the notion that branding attracts and repels opportunities.

In the same brand, it may attract or repel applicants, inform prospects about the company, as well as what it does and what it is for.

8. Retaining Employees

If your workforce is depleting, it can reflect negatively on your company and may jeopardize your chances of hiring new talents. To recruit a millennial workforce, show talents that your company leads and helps hires recognize their contribution. Employers who act as mentors and coaches are more likely to retain employees.

9. Utilizing Social Networks

Each month, more than 280 million use Twitter and 800 million subscribe to Facebook.

While you cannot randomly pick candidates from Twitter and Facebook, you can use these networks to source new hires.

A smart online advertisement can win you talents in the same way as traditional recruitment does.

10. Calculating Costs from a Bad Candidate Experience

Turn a bad candidate experience to see what needs to be improved. Studies revealed that 22 percent of candidates who had a bad recruitment experience from your company might tell their friends and colleagues not to apply at your company anymore. Hence, you should anticipate such setbacks.

11. A Speedy Hiring Process

As the hiring process usually takes weeks to a month, consider speeding up the recruitment to 2-3 days to avoid discouraging talents.

However, yields that the length of the hiring process has doubled to almost 20 days. Bigger firms can make do with longer processes, but it could be challenging for smaller companies.

12. Data-Based Recruiting Decisions

Data will solidify your assumptions and predictive measures by revealing whether you are hiring quality candidates.

Google has led the pack by basing their hiring process on data and analytics, and so did Talenytics, which developed a system for collecting essential data in their hiring process to come up with a shortlist of candidates.

13. Talent Pool

Based on a 2015 LinkedIn survey, 75% of US firms expected to boost their recruits, though 49% continually increase their talents.

Talent pools are the right place to find active job-seekers. So, zero in on the talents in these communities and re-engage applicants by sending them emails that discuss your company.

14. Prioritize Employee Trainings

Know what job hopefuls root for and use this information to make the company enticing for them. Give them incentives even during the training period, as it helps retain excitement and loyalty to a company.

Millennials, in particular, believe that the best training program capitalizes on the employees’ passion, interests, and career goals.

15. STEM careers

Since the 80s, the need for STEM careers has increased in almost every industry, at least by 60 percent. Today, 97 percent of jobs require at least one basic literacy in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

There are several other trends to watch out for, and doing these do not entirely guarantee success for your recruitment department. Rather, quality of employees, company brand, and speed of the hiring process largely determine the success of your business’ recruitment.

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