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5 mistakes Scrum Masters should avoid to ensure continuity of Agile Framework

5 mistakes Scrum Masters should avoid to ensure continuity of Agile Framework

Scrum Masters help their teams develop great products by mentoring and guiding the teams; clearing obstacles ensuring that Scrum processes are followed. Scrum Masters aid the team in determining the best strategy to use in a particular scenario and deal with obstacles that the team faces so that they can focus on delivering output that […]

IT Governance Frameworks: Which is best suited for your services?

IT Governance establishes a framework for integrating IT and business strategies. Organizations can achieve concrete results toward attaining their plans and goals by adopting a defined framework. A formal program also addresses the demands of personnel, as well as the interests of stakeholders. In the grand scheme of things, IT Governance is an essential component of total enterprise governance.

How Ethical Hacking Is Changing The Way We See Security

ethical hacking security

When you learn about cyber security and hackers getting critical personal information and misusing it without your knowledge, the very thought that occurs is this is a criminal offense and those who indulge in such malicious activities and attack anybody’s sensitive details should be punished. Usually, we consider hacking and hackers to be bad. Although […]

Agile Methodology: Which fits best for you?

In today’s fast-paced professional world where software development is evolving continuously, gone are the days when standard practices to manage projects can be totally operational and helpful. Organizations have realized the importance of agility in project management nowadays and came to the conclusion that without modifying the approaches as per the changing times now, no project […]

A Beginner’s Guide to DevOps

Beginner's Guide to DevOps

Your organization wants to use the DevOps delivery approach and you are in the middle of nowhere, as the term sounds completely alien to your world. So, before you may analyse how and where to use it, you must know what DevOps is and what it is not. Even before that, let’s get some background […]

The Cloud Shift: 5 Trends in Cloud Computing

Cloud Technology

Enterprises and IT executives are increasingly shifting their focus to the Cloud as a lucrative means of accomplishing business objectives. The Cloud is no longer being looked at solely as a tool. With the advent of Cloud computing, organizations are being able to incorporate significant changes in their processes, transferring, storing and retrieving extensive information […]

8 Salesforce Hacks Admins Should Know

salesforce admin hacks, tips and tricks

If there’s a way to do things faster with the same efficiency and accuracy, who wouldn’t grab it? With the rich feature set and multiple functions of Salesforce, surely it can be overwhelming to use for admins and developers. But working on Salesforce shouldn’t be frustrating. The software was made to help and not to […]

11 Programming Languages Useful for DevOps

devops languages

DevOps is the overarching term for the current trend in the industry, which tries to eliminate the gap between software development and IT operations. It benefits everyone by emphasizing communication, enhancing collaboration, and fixing deployment automation. Not to mention, it improves carry out time of a particular task when these two processes are combined into […]

6 Best Practices to Improve Software Quality

Quality software is the backbone of every successful business process. As defined by the ISO 8402-1986 standard, “quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.” As part of a software development team, your software must create quality and provide value to […]

6 Free Online Resources to Teach Yourself About ITILⓇ

Literacy in Information Technology (IT) has become one of the most in-demand skills in the job market, as more and more companies are opening positions that require knowledge in programming, software development, information security, IT operations, and big data. This demand has fuelled the importance for Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), which is a set […]

5 Motivating Quotes About Productivity Every Project Manager Should Live By

The job of a project manager is extremely tough and often underestimated. The skills required for project management are more than just handling client meeting, doing pitches, spearheading projects, and ensuring deliverables meet their deadlines. As a project manager, you are held accountable for any errors in the project. So, if a client ever wants […]