Prepare Your Business: The 6 Stages of a Crisis

Let’s face it: there is no such thing as a perfect company. Every business makes mistake at some point. However, a good preparation and planning can prevent mistakes from escalating into a crisis. A crisis can disrupt normal business operations due to its unexpected nature. If preventive measures are not in place, a crisis has […]

Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan


Regardless of company size and industry, every business needs a disaster recovery plan. In a survey conducted by the National Archives & Records Administration in Washington, D.C., United States, researchers found that 93 percent of companies that suffered data loss for 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year. […]

Common HR Metrics Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Data helps executives make fact-based decisions. And in order to get data, you need metrics. It’s pretty simple, actually. Teams need bigger budgets. Leaders need metrics. However, very few metrics succeed in making an impression with the C-suite executives. To make that impression, it makes sense to get rid of the common HR metrics that […]

Lessons from 5 High Profile Crisis Communication Cases

Every thriving business is a magnet to both success and crisis. These polarities exist to test the mettle of your company and thus, help it survive in the industry, where losses and liabilities are as common as assets and earnings. Part of the reason a company can survive is because of a crisis communication planner […]

10 Tips to Manage Social Media Crisis

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Truth be told, social media can make and break a brand. A single post, whether it’s positive or negative, can go viral in just a few hours, even minutes, and launch your brand or business into the spotlight. Social media adds new layers of both opportunities and risks to companies—proving that it should be included […]

Basics of Product and Process Requirements (Infographic)

One of the most difficult parts of conceptualizing for product development and process improvement is establishing what the product or process should do or perform. It is a crucial activity that, if not prioritized, may lead to possible failures or problems later on which will already be challenging to correct. This fact is the reason […]

Top 40 Business Blogs in the Philippines

There are many online resources available to small and medium-sized business owners in the Philippines. What’s good about these online resources is that these are not limited to white papers or researches, but also include blogs from business owners, finance experts, and marketing professionals. Fellow business owners and professionals can get a sneak peek into […]

A Guide to Business Continuity Planning

Whoever can predict that a disaster is about to strike? No one. Rare is the occasion we get a heads up. Even with some lead time, multiple things can go wrong because every incident is unique, out of anyone’s control, and unfolds in unforeseen ways. This is where Business Continuity Planning comes into play. It […]

Top 10 Data Center Trends to Watch Out For

Top 10 Data Center Trends to Watch Out For

Data centers, as centralized repositories are important in businesses, as these is where large amounts of data are stored and managed for an organized dissemination of information. Further, it is primarily responsible for a company’s online infrastructure such that having a bad data center is equal to having a bad infrastructure. Ideally, most organizations, regardless […]

8 Common Myths About Cloud Computing – Busted

A major business driver today, there’s more to the cloud than the over-hyped issue regarding its safety. Getting a cloud technology associate certification will easily let you in on the huge impact the cloud has on all types of businesses and debunk misinformation that result to myths about deploying and running applications in the cloud. […]

10 Practical Risk Management Facts They Didn’t Teach in School

The unprecedented levels of business complexities, ever-changing geopolitical scenarios, latest regulations and laws, and the increasing stakeholder demands have made managing enterprise risks a crucial priority among CEOs, CFOs, and other members of any company’s C-Suite. Over the last years, investors have made it a point to look into companies’ risk management policies and procedures. […]