Complaint Handling: Things to Learn from These Famous Brands

complaint management from famous brands

Part of being in the business world is knowing how to deal with customer complaints. Complaint management plays a huge role in customers’ trust in one’s brand. When customers receive outstanding customer service, they develop strong loyalty and rapport with your brand – thus giving positive effects to your business as well. This article presents […]

Top formulas in Excel for Power Business Users

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used tools in any business to analyze data and patterns to come up with well-thought-out business decisions. While some work on pivotal tables and histograms, others focus to create pie-charts and do conditional formatting to do data visualization for easy comprehension of complicated data sets. MS Excel […]

Power BI: What is the craze all about this new BI tool?

Business intelligence (BI) is a way for professionals to detect actionable insights in crucial data for important business decision-making. Organizations need BI tools that help them reveal a modern solution through data modelling and data analytics to generate expertly authored, comprehensible BI reports; ascertain results; and apply those outcomes to enhance their business’s overall growth. […]