Are you aware of these essential skills of Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing represents a significant change from how companies held an approach toward their IT resources. Although cloud computing is just a decade old, it is already being adopted by a wide range of public and private companies. Cloud computing has resulted in an organizational shift toward greater innovation, more adaptable resources, and cost savings. […]

Microsoft Power BI: Enabling a Data-Driven Culture in Today’s Digital World

Image source: Pexels. We live in a digital age. The fact that we have such advanced technologies has been our saving grace amidst the global lockdowns. More and more enterprises all over the world are coming up with tech-driven ways to make the most out of our transformed post-pandemic world. But more than just our […]

Big Data: Transformation and Adoption

big data adoption

The world follows the buzz around big data and advanced analytics not only because data is important for every individual or business but also how big data has a great potential to leave a long-lasting impact when it comes to understanding data and taking important decisions based on the in-depth analysis. New technology tools are […]